We are all about recycling and sustainability. 

Every single piece of art we produce is made oput of the highest quality recycled paper there is to find. we believe that it is an art to create something new out of something old. that is why we decided on focussing on recycled paper and wood. 

Most paper in this age is being sprayed with a coating that gives it that "shiny" look.  What we found out is that this coating unables the paper to be recycled after usage and that means it will most likely end up on the big pile of thrash. 

We decided to use paper that is made out of trash and moreover even looks better then any paper that comes from the trees that are cut down! 

furthermore we decided not to coat the paper so even our next generation will be able to use our products after you had the chance to enjoy it, and that all without having to use any of the few valuable recources our earth has left.