At MOA Productions we create sustainable art. To be able to live up to these words we had to figure out what makes art sustainable. MOA Productions believes there are two key aspects to be considered when it comes to the footprint of Art posters. The production process of the poster themself, and the way artists are being looked after for. 

First MOA focussed on making sure the product itself is made in the most ecological way. To find out what has to improve when it comes to printing you first need to know what is a problem of the way art(posters) are being produced right now. The paper that is needed for the print create are made out of trees. This demand is one of the reasons why forests are being destructed every day. We solved this by using paper that is 100% made out of recycled material. 
MOA thought that after we had selected the right paper for our prints & shipping packages we were very close to nailing the production process. The art looked stunning and did not require a glass cover as part of our list because the paper of MOA's first Posters was reflecting like a mirror. 
After proudly showcasing our first MOA artworks we were informed about the reason that ables posters to reflect the way they do so beautifully. The Posters we know today used for art, advertising, and flyers are being coated with plastic coating to create a glossy/shining look. MOA was shocked.
Why?     Not only did we find out that our first batch was not as sustainable as it needed to be, furthermore this fact meant that all the posters we know today are not able to be recycled and made into something new. Everyone of MOA agreed this industry has to be changed. How? By taking this damn coating of! We selected a different style of paper and got a new batch printed. Not as shiny but at least after each poster has been enjoyed someone else will use its material to create it into something new. 

So now MOA Productions strategized its production process it became time to focus on helping artists.
Why are there so many Art (poster)companies but is there so little credit given to the people that create them? Who are these artists and how do they support themselves to continue working on there passion? 
To find this out MOA had to do some digging. We went to local art-companies and asked them how the business worked. Artists get a fixed price for every design they sell to resellers. The offer given to them is a take it or leave it and only when you are a highly acknowledged artist you will be given credits for your work. This got MOA thinking. Is the need to have customers returning to your store and not straight to the artist greater than helping individual artists support their dreams and build a business where they can do what they love while supporting themselves financially? MOA wants to help artists get their name out without looking at where they are from, how long they have been creating art, and whether you speak perfect english or not. Why? Because art is just like love and passion universal.
This why MOA productions features new artists every month. Some chose to be displayed ones, some want to show you a little bit more of their work. All credits are given where they should be and when you are interested in the work of a specific artist, just approach them :)  They deserve your interest more than large suppliers who lose touch of what art is really about; Human expression in a creative nature.